Jun 3, 2015

Short Joke Cake Message

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On wife's birthday a man ordered a cake over the phone...

Confectioner: What message to put on the cake, sir?

Man: Write 'Getting older but you are getting better.'

Confectioner: How exactly to write it, sir?

Man: Well, put 'You are getting older' at the top and 'But you are getting better' at the bottom.

When the cake was opened, all guests died laughing...

It read, 'You are getting older at the top, but you are getting better at the bottom.'

Moral: Don't order cakes over phone!

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May 15, 2012

Short Joke Want My Own

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A kid, after being scolded by his mother, got very angry...

Father: What happened, son?

Kid: I can't adjust with your wife, anymore. I want my own!
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May 7, 2012

Short Joke Behind Every

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Behind every successful woman, there is a satisfied man.

But, behind every satisfied woman, there is an exhausted man.
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